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    Hi there

    I am having a myriad of frustrations as I have only just worked out what the whole fuss with permalinks is about. I have been creating this site and in an attempt to order the posts how i wanted them i changed the dates of each to follow the order i wished them to be displayed. This screwed my internal links entirely – meaning i had to reconnect around 300 pages or so and I keep finding errors now as previously added links no longer work. I believe this is to do with the permalink structure which includes the date and time in the link – this when its changed the link can no longer be found. So my question is this: How can I change the permalink structure to exclude date and time? Is there a way to do this now without losing my existing internal links and if not, is there a way to ensure links are not lost if i do change the date or time of any post? I cannot find the permalinks option under settings as is showing in all the utube videos i have consulted so far so i am running out of options!

    Many thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Unfortunately you can’t edit permalinks on – you have to use the default values.

    I seem to remember you writing about changing the paths before – could you remind me why you’re editing the post dates. Was it to keep a post in the featured content area at the top of the homepage?



    Basically I needed to change the order the posts were showing – it’s not really to be runned as a blog (hence the problems – something I had not anticipated would be an issue) the various posts refer to research themes and they need to be in alphabetical order not in posting order.



    as time goes on more will be added and they will need to be added in alphabetical order so it seems i will need to be fiddling with date posting with them as i go on.

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