Pagination gets me to the same page

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    Check the homepage, when I click on the second page. The pagination functionality gets me back to the same page rather than showing the other blog. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    I see you are using the blog page template and setting that as the home page.

    Go to Settings -> Reading and pick “your latest posts” so the template can work as intended. It will show a list of blog posts.


    I do not see it, please send me a screenshot.


    Sorry, I got that.

    But I want the homepage to be the way I have designed it and just want the pagination to work

    Please help me with this and not alternatives.


    The pagination of category works awesome. Please make this work similarly.


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    The blog page template will not paginate when set as the home page only. Sorry!

    It will work exactly like category pages when it is an inner page.


    But that’s not right Ya.. you cannot leave that it like that.

    Please make it work. You got to do it.

    This is a thorough bug Ya. Pagination is a simple feature which needs to work irrespective of the page template in use.


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    Yes, we know it’s a bug. Since the template shows blog posts by default on the home page, setting the blog page template as the home page is redundant. That’s why the pagination will not work with that template set as the home page.


    Hmm.. But what if I dont incoperate blog page, so there is no redundancy.

    Do you intend to solve that bug?


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    The only fix for this is if you are self hosted and are able to edit template files. Which doesn’t work here at

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