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    Hi again, Shroote
    Let’s make it the best WP theme in town!
    To be used as a company web, Outspoken will gain a lot if pages could be shown in the big slider. A direct link to your services!
    Do you think it could be possible?
    Thanks and regards

    The blog I need help with is:



    First of all, sorry for not looking at this sooner. It’s possible and shouldn’t be too hard to do, but pages have templates, can be set as homepage, and basically I just find mixing posts & pages in one widget a little confusing. Would you still use this feature & are you sure you can’t achieve what you’re trying to do with posts and not pages?


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    Shroote, when we seek customers, not readers, we need them to click just once to reach our services. The big slider is very appealing and the natural path to our services, usually described in pages. If the prospect has to click twice, in a post that links to the page, they go, we lose them.
    Outspoken is loaded with widgets for posts. If the big slider could be used for pages Outspoken will easily become a great business theme too. Thanks and regards.

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