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    Hello, I am trying to create the sidebar tabs seen in the demo of Outspoken. There are three tabs, Recent comments, tags and meta and you can click a tab for the list.
    I see something called “Outspoken Tabs” which I assume allows you to create this widget as the description states “Widget for displaying other widgets in tabs” but there aren’t instructions on how to use it.
    It only says “Widgets must be added to widget area created for this widget.” But I’ve gone into WP to add it there and the customizer to add it there but I cannot create a Tab.

    Does anyone know how to create the tab I need, or if it is the Outspoken Tabs I need to create it, how to use it?

    Thank you.



    1. Use classic Dashboard (/wp-admin)
    2. Go to Appearance -> Widgets
    3. Add “Outspoken Tabs” widget to the widget area where you want your tabs to appear
    4. Add to “Tabs Widgets” widget area all widgets that should appear as tabs.
    That’s it.

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