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    I always have a hard time viewing the carousel of a post in the order I want. If I want to preview a draft I mostly need to wait for a couple of hours to see the change. Right now I changed this order, saved the draft…and yet see the same order. This is pretty confusing and I mostly loose a lot of time before publishing a post.
    Is there something to do about it?
    Eliane Disint
    I also have a regular site where I don’t have this problem: the order I choose is saved immediately.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hello Eliane,

    I’m not sure why this should be happening with your site but it sounds like a caching problem rather than a theme issue. Hopefully someone from WordPress.com might be able to offer some insight.


    Hi Eliane – could you please provide links to the specific page or post on the two sites where the carousels are present so I can take a look?

    Which editor are you using the WP Admin editor or the new editor with the blue background?

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