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    Can you please tell me the optimum jpg pixel dimensions for regular posts (Not featured posts).

    The blog I need help with is cinemusefilms.com.


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    Hi. Sorry for my late reply.

    I’d suggest using square images ( with 1:1 aspect ratio ). We used images with the following dimensions: 1690×1690, 1720×1720, 1944×1944 on our demo site.


    Thanks for your reply yuriyportnykh.

    One more question please; this is a very minor issue, but the word ABOUT is the biggest font on the page and there does not seem to be any option for adjusting it. Is there some code that could make it match other heading fonts on the page.

    The blog is https://cinemusefilms.com



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    Sure. Please, add the following CSS code:

    .wf-active ul.nav a { font-size: 22px !important; }

    You can change the value to your liking.


    Thanks for your reply, but I wonder if the code is complete. I cannot see that it actually does anything or offer any change options. Where should I find the font change values?
    cheers, Richard


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    Yes, I can see the change on your site. The word “About” right below the logo is less bigger now. Please, try clearing your browser cache.

    You can decrease the value ( 22 ) as well.


    You are a great supporter yuriyportnykh; thanks again.


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    You’re welcome!

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