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    Is it possible to make the text box for the featured content slider more translucent, so as not to block so much of the featured image? I’d be grateful for any suggestions!

    The blog I need help with is murphyattridge.com.


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    Hi there – it certainly is. You can use the following custom css.

    .showcase .item-inner .entry-container {
        background: rgba( 255,255,255, 0.5 );

    In this the 255,255,255 is the colour white – and the 0.5 is the transparency. If you want to make it more transparent you can make the 0.5 closer to 0, less transparent is closer to 1.


    Thank you very much! I’m afraid I haven’t used custom css before – do I have to do this through a plugin or is it possible without?


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    Ah – I’ve just seen you’re a personal customer. I’m not entirely sure but I think custom css is only available on the premium plan or above. There’s more info on this here:


    Ah, I see; I wondered about that. Apologies for the slow reply – I didn’t get a notification that you answered! I’ll take a look via the link. Thanks for that.

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