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    I am trying to use the Puzzle theme is a portfolio website for my design studio. I have a set idea in my head of how I want the front page to work, but I don’t know how to make it do what I want.

    What I want:
    Each image block (12 in total) to link to a portfolio category, but ONLY those categories. I don’t want new blog posts that I add to appear on the front page.

    I know that for the sections to appear on the home page I need to enter them as blog posts and not pages. I think I can then have links to the various portfolio examples within each section section blog post. And that I make them “Sticky”, so that they are always there.

    The problem arises that I also want to have a traditional blog that I post can to regularly, but I don’t want those added to the front page.

    How do I best set up my site to do all of those things?
    Should I have my traditional blog posts as static pages?

    Please help? Complete WordPress novice :(

    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi there – thanks a lot for the message. Currently there’s no easy way to do this. I shall have a think about it and see if there’s a way that it can be added easily.

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