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    Hi there –

    I am setting up a new website and as I’m following your video instructions, I’m realizing I’m a little rusty starting from scratch on WordPress.

    I purchased the Zuki theme and want the website to eventually look like the live demo as opposed to the blog template. I read on your website that the One Click Demo Import plugin could help me install all those widgets / get the layout I want with one click, so I added that plugin. When I go to the appearance > import demo data, I get this message: “There are no predefined import files available in this theme. Please upload the import files manually!” But I can’t manually upload anything because I bought the theme through WordPress and don’t have access to the zip file.

    I guess I have a couple of questions:

    1) First of all, is Zuki supported by One Click Demo?

    2) Perhaps I am misinterpreting how it works: I thought (or I was hoping) that once I installed the live demo, I would basically have access to the posts that you created for the live demo, and I could swap out your text / images / tags (etc) with my own, rather than creating a bunch of posts on my own to populate the site. (That is, my hope is that the plugin basically creates a dummy site for me, and I can go in and replace the dummy text and images with my own). Is that right? Or do I actually need to create a whole bunch of content on my own first in order to create the layout that I want?



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    Hi Molly,

    please excuse me for my late reply. I’m so sorry this is a little bit of a cunfusion, since only our self-hosted Zuki theme is prepared for the One Click Demo Imports plugin.

    For a theme on you would need to upload the demo content files yourself (you can still do this via the One Click Demo imports plugin).

    You can download the needes files from here:

    Zuki XML file
    Zuki widgets file
    Zuki customizer file

    Best, Ellen

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