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    Hello. I was playing around with other themes, but came back to TheStyle. Before, when I scrolled down my home page, older posts appeared automatically. Now, I have to click “Older Posts”. How can I get automatic older posts back?

    The blog I need help with is fascinatorium.com.


    Also, how can I make the posts uniformly sized? as with this page: http://danielaniculi.com/.

    My posts, even if I removed all sidebar widgets, have different sizes and don’t line up evenly (http://fascinatorium.com/)


    Aack! I just figured out ‘infinite scroll’ and fixed my first problem.

    But, am still wondering how to make all my posts uniformly sized.


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    You can try using the following CSS code to make all posts uniformly sized:

    .bottom-bg .excerpt { min-height: 150px; }

    You can change the value to achieve the result you’re looking for.

    Note: You need to have the Custom Design upgrade to add css code.


    Hello there.

    Thank you . I do have the Custom Design upgrade and I entered that CSS code in the customizing CSS panel, but my posts still aren’t uniformly sized. Is there something else I could do?

    Thanks again for your time.


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    Please, try to use the following code:

    .entry-content { background: none; }
    .entry { min-height: 508px; }

    Thank you so much! This worked perfectly!


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    You’re welcome

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