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    when I use the portfolio based upon project-types the list is limited to 550 projects; 400 projects and 150 ‘older’ projects
    Can I (or you) change that to 9999 projects?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there – really sorry for not replying earlier! I’ve checked the code and I am not limiting anything in the theme I’m afraid. I am not sure why the site wouldn’t load everything.

    I’ll see if I can find anything but I may have to turn to the crew to dig deeper.


    Hi ,

    thanks for looking in to it
    what’s the status ? any progress?



    There’s an underlying issue where the number of posts per page (150 in your case) overrides the number of portfolio items per page (400 in your case) when the two numbers are different.

    We are working on a fix on the portfolio level and will keep you posted here. Thanks for your patience.



    The underlying issue should now be fixed. If you click “Older posts” on any portfolio page, another set of 400 should be loaded correctly.

    Thanks again for reporting the issue and please let me know if anything does not work as expected.


    Thank You very much!
    I appreciate the effort and the amount of work.



    You’re welcome. :) We appreciate you noticing and reporting the issue!

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