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    hello anhtnt. i need some more help please. i have links for navigation in the following places :

    1. header area – for all seven pages (these links are on all pages and blogs)

    2. footer area – for all seven pages (these links are on all pages and blogs)

    3. in header area inside blog posts – for category (this is a single link in the header area – either saying : In – Website-SEO-And-Digital-Marketing-Blogs or else : In – Website Marketing News)

    i need all these links in the same color as i have for all internal linking inside the main page body – #526ccb.

    please help.



    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi puneet,

    Please use this CSS:

    .main-menu a,
    body .main-menu li li a,
    body .site-footer a {
      color: #526ccb;

    hello anhtnt. i have decided to retain the link colors in white as im avoiding too much
    CSS, on second thought. sorry for the trouble. however i need help with two fresh issues –

    1. this is the only page which is showing the footer text “Experts In Making Websites and (email redacted) and 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM – All Days” in light grey color. all other pages are showing the same text in white color. please give me css to change the text color to white.

    2. i need to change the color of the photo captions only for the front page. right now the caption text is is grey color. please provide css for changing the text color of photo captions only for the home page.




    Theme Author

    Hi puneet,

    1. Please use this CSS:

    .blog .widget { color: #fff }

    2. Here is the CSS:

    .home .wp-block-image figcaption { color: #fff }


    hello anhtnt. thanks so much for your help.

    best wishes,


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