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    The website i needed help on is

    Firstly, I have re-position “site-description”. However, i noted when i browse the website using mobile. The positioning screwed up. How can i make the “Serving your business needs” centralised below my website logo?

    Secondly, how do i insert multiple featured images on my main page? With reference to, i would love to have the image with text changes every 5 seconds.


    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi Carlson,

    Thanks for the thread.

    1) Unfortunately currently, I do not see the site description on your site. Please put it back and let me know. I’ll be happy to assist.

    2) The other customer is using the pro version of this slider plugin, if you use Business plan on WordPress you can then use plugins only. Otherwise, you can use Slider Speed, change it from Manual to Slow/Medium/Fast via Customize > Featured Website Content. Screenshot:


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