Need help changing color of site title in header

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    In the header, my site title (“Grassroots News” in bold letters) is colored black. How can I change that color to dark red without changing any of the other colors on the site? (I do have the upgrade package, so can use CSS is necessary, though I’ve never done it before.)

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is:


    Hey there,

    You could add this:

    #logo .site-title a, #logo .site-title a:hover,
    #logo .site-description {
    color: #C02942;



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    Perfect! Thanks so much. Where could I have learned this without having to ask on this forum?


    Great! Happy that helped :D

    I would look into Firebug or Chrome/Safari Inspector on Google. These are great tools for these types of changes.

    Thanks again!

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