My thumbnails grid galleries are awful

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    First I wanted to say that I really LOVE the Studio theme. It’s very intuitive for the visitors and looks very professional. That what motivated my purchased. Good job!

    However, I spent 2 entire stressful days trying to get around issues with the look of my galleries and now I thinking that I did nothing wrong, the problems are coming from the theme. I would like to have your opinion about it.

    Here is my blog with the only gallery I dared to publish:

    The 2 issues that I meet are related to the “thumbnails grid” style for the galleries. i really want to display mine like this so for now I’m stuck with a website that i can’t use.

    1-the quality of the thumbnails in the gallery is awful when they’re arranged between 1 and 3 columns. In 4 columns they’re fine but so tiny…

    2-the captions look very nice in the carrousel (just at the bottom of the pic) but they’re VERY disturbing into the thumbnail grid. Is there a way to get them showing up on the thumbnail only when the cursor is pointed on it?

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hey Anne-Lise!
    Sorry to hear that it isn’t working for you, and sorry for the delayed response – we’re just getting used to WordPress’ system from a support standpoint.
    I’m not able to see any galleries on your site, but are you saying that the gallery posts when viewed on a smaller browser width are too large? Or are they being stretched?
    Do you see the same issue on our demo site,


    Original poster

    Hey Calvin!

    No problem for the delay. :-)
    I got some help from Càtia from Support. She fixed me very well the issue with the quality of my thumbnails. It was just a matter of column width.
    I just published a gallery so you can see that the thumbnails are great now but the captions showing up just beneath them are still very disturbing.
    I would like them to pop up like here, on my second Wordpres (Hemingway Rewritten theme):
    I bet now you see what I mean.

    Càtia suggested that I upgrade to CSS. But today, I’m coming back to you because after spending several days to investigate on CSS, I just know that it’s not an option for me.
    HTML language is just something that I don’t understand at all and that I really wanted to avoid in the first place, when I picked-up WordPress as a solution to create a website.
    This caption flaw wasn’t visible on the theme demo. Otherwise I would not buy the theme.
    I still can get refunded but I don’t want to get to this point because I really LOVE the theme and I already spent too much time working on the website.

    Can you help me with this caption issue please? I really want to keep this theme to enhance my work. :-)

    Have a great day!

    Theme Author


    Sorry, I’m not seeing the issue with the caption on my end! Are you just wanting it to be styled differently than it is? If you’d like it to appear at the bottom center of the thumbnail, try adding this custom CSS:

    #gallery ul .post-title {
    top: 271px;
    margin: 0;
    text-align: center;

    Let me know if that works!

    Original poster

    Hi Calvin,

    thanks so much for following me up.
    I am surprised that we don’t see the same thing in my gallery. Maybe some screen captures will provide some clue to us.
    So here is what I see on my end with 2 different computers (Apple) :

    And here is what I’ve got on my second blog and that I expected from Studio theme (because it’s quite basic and commonly found on others WP themes):

    I just can’t consider CSS or refunding as options before to make sure that we see the same thing on both ends.


    Have a great day,


    Theme Author

    Hey! I see what you mean now, looks like you are using photosets and adding captions. In this case, this is where the captions appear, for the Titles of each post, they should be placed int he top-left of the thumbnail when hovered over!



    Original poster

    Thank you Calvin.



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