multiple categories in one menu item

  • How can I add few categories under one menu option? Just like you have it in “about”.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • So I specifically mean the parent page “Projekty” in the menu – under this one I already added 2 other pages in Site Paged, however it doesn’t display. As well I’d like Projekty to be only the name in the menu, with no option to load actually the page, but only to choose one of the pages under this parent page.

  • Hi there – I am afraid I can’t see your site since it is marked as private however it sounds like you want to add a sub-menu. There’s information here on how to add a sub menu:

    If you want to add some text and not link to something then add a custom link, and then remove the page url address (so it’s empty) and it will display as text only.

  • Thank you, I did the sub menu! :)
    However I still can’t add a custom link. I don’t see the same options in my menu settings as in tutorials… when I go to customize – menu – primary there is no such thing as pages,links, categories and I don’t see a place where I can type the link.

  • Hi – for the custom link, you need to go to

    menu > primary > add items – and then the option to select categories, pages, or custom links will be given to you.

    If you’re not seeing this then I will ask a member of the theme team to check for you since I can’t access the admin for your site.

  • Thank you for help, it’s all working now

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