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    I am hoping to have two separate “blog” pages to better house my differing projects. Ideally, I wanted to use the default “blog” for my current writing and have a second page dedicated to some of my older writing. I did make a customized site page titled “time capsule,” but it appears that I am only able to upload one document on that page.

    Is there a way of creating two different blog tabs on my site? I attempted to create a second “blog” page as well, but it looks like it will only upload the same content that I have listed on my primary blog page.

    Your help is super appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there,

    You could add the posts you’d like to have on a separate page to their own category. Then you can add that category as a menu item to your navigation. The only thing with this solution is your posts will still show up on the main blog page.

    Here’s a bit more info on categories:

    And how to add it to a custom menu:

    Hope that helps!


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