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    Hi all

    Just wondering if someone might be able to help me move the site title up? I don’t want it in the middle of the column.

    Thanks very much

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Do you have the custom design upgrade? If so, try adding this code to your CSS:

    #masthead {
    bottom: 85%;

    Let me know if that works!

    Original poster

    Thanks very much! That worked :)

    On the weekend I changed the main picture because I couldn’t figure out how to move the masthead. So I came up with this.
    (The blog is for my father-in-law!)

    Now with this new picture, I wonder if you might now be able to help me with a bit of a structural change. i.e. Can I possibly make the middle column wider and have another skinny column on the right for Previous Posts / Search etc? I feel like those options are pretty hidden at the moment, and now it doesn’t work with the picture…

    I wonder if you can help. Thanks very much.

    Original poster

    Also, I’m finding that not all the changes refresh properly, i.e. font change and opacity of head image. I make the changes in the Customise bar, but they don’t ever refresh. Any tips on that?
    Thanks in advance.

    Theme Author

    Hey again!
    For the first question, that would require some custom development which unfortunately is beyond my expertise – if you get in touch with a third-party developer they should be able to help you out!
    For the customize issue, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate it on my end, but if you get in touch with WordPress Support they should be able to look into this for you!


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