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Move header image to top of site.

  1. I'm very happy with this theme and the general layout, but I want to have my header image actually be the site header. Currently it appears under the main menu and logo/site title line. Is there a way to move it to the very top of the site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi again,

    I'm very sorry to tell you that the theme does not support to move the header image to a different location.

    The only possible thing would be to use a background image for the header section. You can change the background of the header area with Custom CSS Code.

    For example:

    .site-header {
        background: url("") !important;

    This code will add your current header image as background.

    You can copy the CSS code and insert it on Customize > CSS.


  3. Is there an option to make this background surface bigger, the same size as an image header would be? Now it only gives me a small piece of my image.

  4. You should be able to adjust that with this CSS code.

    .site-header {
        background-size: cover;
    .header-main {
        min-height: 300px;

    However, please keep in mind that background images are not responsive. Therefore it does not look perfect on mobile devices.

    The alternative would be to upload a smaller logo image on Customize > Site Identity, which is also displayed above the menu.

    For the Site logo feature, please see


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