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    On the home page, under the scrolling portfolio images, there are 4 recent posts, the most recent one showing in the left column with a portion of the post’s text in it. The others are just titles in the right column.

    I’m looking to do a couple things
    1. Pin the larger, left column post so it is always there no matter what posts I add.
    2. Make it so the bullet list I have in that post displays as such on the home page instead of what it’s doing now which is to strip it of its bullets and put it into a continuous block of text.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Perhaps a better question is, can I add permanent content to the home page that is above the blog post listings?

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    Hi Andy,

    The posts that feed into the homepage are dynamic, and the latest post will always be shown as the first post on the left. The only way to keep a post in that position would be to modify the published date on the post you’d like to be shown first. So when you post a new post, you can change the date on your “pinned” post to be the first post.

    This isn’t the most convenient workaround, but because you can’t change template files on, you have to work with the way it’s setup. To change the template files to do this, you would need your own hosted version of WordPress.

    There is a way to make your list available in that area though. Switch over to the Text view of your post content and copy the HTML for the list. Scroll down to the Excerpt box (if you can’t see this, Click Screen Options in the upper right hand corner and check the Excerpt box) and paste the HTML into that box. Update your post and you’ll see that the list is now showing in that area. You can add a bit of text before or after the list as well.

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