Missing comment count on smart phones

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    On the desktop and tablet browsers, there is a comment count for each post on the front page, so one can quickly glance through the timeline and determine whether a post has any comments and/or if the count has changed.

    On smart phones (i.e., the Apple iPhone, which is what I’m using), the comment count is missing — both on the front page timeline, and on the individual posts. I’ve tested both in portrait and landscape format, and the comment count is never shown.

    For example, as of this writing, I have 113 comments on this post: http://exploratorius.us/2014/01/28/what-where-2/
    The comment count figure can be seen by desktop and tablet users, but not by smart phone users.

    Is there anyway to fix that? I have a lot of smart phone users that like being able to see if they have missed any comments.



    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    It appears you have switched themes so I’m guessing you do not need assistance with this. For anyone else wondering, this is not a bug. We purposefully hide the comment count on mobile devices to save space.

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