Missing blog post titles

  • Someone is deciding which of my blogposts can be viewed more closely, and which cannot! Via the medium of removing the clickable blog post title. How can this be rectified please?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hello there!

    Could it be that you’re assigning some of your posts to be “image” posts and some to be normal posts? Image posts do not display titles.

    Let us know if that’s the case. :)

  • I don’t touch the settings and always use Standard for my blog posts, in my Play blog. Tonight, I found another one that was published only a couple of posts ago! Something is going amiss.

    Two other issues that concern me a bit:

    1) When signing in, I never choose the “Keep me signed in” checkbox; that is way too dangerous to even contemplate. Yet, sometimes when I sign out via my avatar on the black toolbar at the top of the webpage, and then navigate to my blog, just to see what it looks like, I find that I am still signed in!! So then I sign out again via the avatar, which seems to close the site.

    2) I have noticed recently that when preparing new blogposts for my Play blog, when choosing to edit the HTML the details re image size kinda get lost, so that I am unable to change them. I choose a larger size and then change the setting to get it to 400px wide as generally I don’t want the pix to be any larger. Is there a simple tip I could use to do this quickly, please?

    I am using Mozilla Firefox and generally have no trouble with it. I may try IE for a little while, to see what happens. Cheers! :O)

    3) When I upgraded to the Premium support, it stated that I now have direct email support, but didn’t indicate how I could access that, nor did that statement provide a link. I’d prefer to use that method of enquiry rather than the forum.

  • Re the blogposts, I have now worked out which size looks best with these image posts on my Play blog — 410px, reduced from a slightly larger size (refer to point 2) above) — all sizes referred to in any HTML information given me, and sometimes to just delete the text-size, eg large, medium etc). At 410px the image is crisp yet still shows texture. Thanks for the tip, Melissa! Have reworked all my scheduled posts, and they look good now.

  • Aahh, Melissa, you’re a great teacher! (scheduled post #047)

    I should trust the Theme to do its work. Scaling is a fabulous thing.

    What I have now decided, and will continue to do, is choose a larger size for the image to insert into the post, not fiddle with anything, and let the Theme downscale it to fit the blog post width. As you can imagine, I’ve been viewing the View Image Info. of a post to see what’s happening.

    Having reworked my scheduled posts, and seen the results using this method, the images look ten times better. Thank you! Sorry for being an idiot… ;O)

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