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    i like your theme very much and i already added plenty of the custom css that i found across the forum to make it closer to my taste. i can say that i love it!
    I need some help though.

    1. in the banner tagline i have put this
    ”Capturing life’s moments

    (currently under construction, but you can take a peek) ” in order to have both the tagline and the button, but the tagline is black and not the color of the banner text.

    2. scrolling down, finding ”recent projects” as well at ”from the blog” the taglines are in white and therefore invisible.

    3. in ”our services” can i make everything go up and not to leave so much space from the top of the background picture?

    4. when i visit the site from my android the following ”our services” and ”from the blog” are shown as ”featured pages” and ”recent posts” plus no title except the banner has visible tagline.
    from the customizer at the phone view i can see the proper titles and visible tagline.

    5. can you please provide me a css for size of banner title?

    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is frameverse.com.


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    Glad you are liken the theme!

    1. You must have added some custom CSS that is changing the color of the banner text p tags to black. This will override that:

    body #home-banner #banner-text p  {
       color: #fff !important;

    2. Looks like you have removed the tag lines. Can you add those back in so I can figure out what custom CSS we need to override your custom CSS.

    3. You can adjust the padding with this custom CSS:

    #featured-pages  {
       padding: 40px 0

    4. I’m not experiencing this on my end. Are you seeing the same thing in the Port demo?

    5. Here ya go:

    #banner-text h2  {
       font-size: 4em !important


    Thank you very much!!

    1. i saw the css you provided me, i figured out what i did and fixed it.
    2. taglines (titles description ) are there but they are white as they are at the featured area.
    3.that was what i was looking for!
    4. here is how i see my website from my phone.



    from customizer i can see it the correct way in every device option.
    5. great!!!

    thank you again!!!



    also is there any probability that can you provide me a total font/color/shadow/size css for Banner, titles and their taglines/descriptions?

    is it another css for posts main body?

    thank you in advance.


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    2. The description/tag lines are actually not set for the Featured Projects and Recent Posts sections. I can see this by doing a view source of the page. Double check to make sure you have entered them in the Customizer. If they are in the Customizer, try deleting them, and re-enter them, then save.


    Screenshot 1: Have you added any custom CSS font size for the banner text? Do you see this same thing in the Port demo?

    Screenshot 2: This looks normal. The Recent Posts section is below the Featured Pages section.

    Screenshot 3: This also looks normal.



    2. apparently i had left them as they were and i could only see them in customizer. i did as you said and now they are ok.

    screenshot 1: yes i put this custom css that i found in this forum to increase the size of it but it does the same in mobile version.

    #banner-text h2 {
    	font-size: 2.5em !important;
    body #home-banner #banner-text p {
    	font-size: 1em;

    Theme Author

    For your banner text, try removing that CSS to see if it fixes the problem on mobile. Then we’ll go from there.



    done it.


    Theme Author

    Did that fix the problem on your phone?



    yes. now it is ok.


    Theme Author


    If you would like to adjust the font size, try using this instead and adjust the values to what you want:

    #header #home-banner #banner-text .main h2{
    	font-size: 2.1em;
    #header #home-banner #banner-text .secondary {
    	font-size: 1.2em;


    Thank you!!
    it works great!

    Last question.(i know i ask too much!)
    is it easy to provide me a css to adjust font, color, shadow, size of titles and their taglines/descriptions?


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    No problem at all. Here ya go:

    .section-head h3 {
    font-family: 'Arial';
    font-size: 2.5em !important;
    text-shadow: 5px 5px rgba(0,0,0,.1);
    color: #000;
    .section-head p {
    font-family: 'Arial';
    font-size: .9em !important;
    text-shadow: 3px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.1);
    color: #000;


    great! thats great!

    still i can see the descriptions of ”recent projects” and ”from the blog” in white color though.


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    Strange. You must have set the color of those to white somewhere in your custom CSS and didn’t realize it. This should override whatever CSS you’ve already added.

    .section-head p span{
        color: #000 !important;


    i disabled every one of the custom css i had to see which one is the one that does it.

    .home #content .section-head p {
    	color: #fff !important;

    i used this one as it makes the featured content tagline densier.

    Anyway, Thank you sooo much for your help!
    +10000 for your job.
    Thank you.

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