Mimicking the gallery demo with my blog

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    Hi there! I’m trying to get my blog to look similar to the preview that I see here: http://gallerydemo.wordpress.com/

    Basically the question I have concerns the preview images or the way the posts are seen on the main page. I’ll split it up in several examples I’d like to do.
    1) how do you make it so that you (only) see little pictures on all posts? Right now I only see the little icon of say a blog or playlist, the title and a small preview.
    2) when hovering over a post, you see the title in the middle of a green screen, how do I do that too?
    3) somewhat similar, but there’s a link to a spotify playlist called ‘spotify’ in the demo, and you get to see the embedded playlist, which you can then click. How do I make it so? Right you have to click the link (lounge away) before you actually see the playlist I link to.
    4) for some reason my first post to a link (the small things), has a text {{unknown}} above it, how do I remove this?

    Would love some feedback, as I really like that demo and the potential of this theme ;-)


    My blog: http://omnashime.net/

    The blog I need help with is omnashime.net.




    I can help with most of these questions right now. Not sure what is going on at the moment with #4 (the link post type) but going to put an issue in to our developers to see if we can figure it out and I will get back to you soon.

    1. & 2. These questions are related. A few of the post types display differently, in this case we are talking about the Image Post type. If you set a post as Image then it will only show the Image, and it will have the Hover effect you mentioned.

    3. Check out the documentation on our site, here: https://upthemes.com/kbb/gallery-theme/#third-party-sites this sould be able to help you with some stuff including understanding how to embed media.

    4. Not sure yet, but will get back to you.

    Hope this helps, if you have any other questions or concerns shoot me a message. I’ll get back to you soon about #4, but I wanted to get some answers to you.



    Hey Caleb!

    I tried it out and it’s working! Thanks mate ;-)
    The {{unknown}} thing is the only remaining puzzle piece ;-p




    Can you shoot me an email at: caleb @liftux.com (no space in the email, had to add that bc the WP forum doesn’t allow email addresses in threads)

    This is about the {{unknow}} issue listed above.




    For anyone who may read this thread, the issue arose because the post was missing hyperlinked text. So if you are posting a Link Post Type post be sure to have hyperlinked text in it.

    We will still be pushing a fix to make sure the {{unknown}} does not show up if a hyperlink is absent. But for now I will be closing this thread.

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