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    Need to widen the margins between columns and sidebar in the MH Magazine Theme — for screens larger than a tablet.

    What media query do you suggest?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Alajoann,

    the version of the theme that is available on is an older version which doesn’t have a layout yet based on %-values. The responsive layout is handled through various breakpoints and things are a little more complex.

    That means this can’t be easily achieved by just adding a line of code as you would need to adjust various elements. If you’re familiar with coding, you could use your browsers inspection tool to gather some insights and then customize what you want. The breakpoints you want to start with probably are max-width: 1340px and max-width: 1000px.

    The version of the theme for self-hosted WordPress sites has been completely recoded to reflect modern standards and best practices, but we are not allowed to update the theme on because this would automatically affect all user sites here and not all users may like the new layout and look of the theme.

    That means there currently are two versions of the theme which basically are completely different under the hood and the theme for self-hosted websites is up-to-date. We hope that we can update this on as well at some point, but that decision isn’t up to us.

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