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    On a touchscreen the menubar doesn’t work: you can’t go to the submenus because you have touched the menu that opens directly before you can touch the submenus. On other sites, when you touch the menu it enrolls the submenu and then you can touch the menu itself or one of its submenus.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there – really sorry about that. I think I know what the issue is. I shall look into it and fix as soon as I can.


    Similar to that problem is the rollovereffect: on a desktop it works just fine but on a touchscreen it doesn’t: it opens the articel in stead of showing the rolloveritem.


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    Hi – I’ve been looking into this and can’t reproduce it on an iphone 5 or an ipad.

    What touch screen device are you trying to browse the site on? What web browser are you using?

    Regarding rollovers – unless I misunderstand you – they simply don’t work on touch screens. The click will always take effect before the rollover. I can understand what you mean regarding touchscreens though – since you can’t see the article info before you read it. I’ll have a think about that.


    Hi – I have a Medion Lifetab. It works on Android 4.4
    I use the Chrome browser.
    I can see the rollovereffect for a few seconds, just the time to load the article.


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    I’ve been looking into this some more and I think i may have misunderstood the original request so I was trying to fix the wrong thing.

    Now that I have looked a bit further I think I see what you’re saying and so I have made a fix and am now waiting for the theme team to deploy it to the servers.

    Regarding the rollover – I do understand what you’re saying and I will see what I can do. I can’t promise anything though as this is quite a challenging problem.

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