Menu won't highlight to any color

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    So, the primary menu links do not highlight when I hover over them anymore. It doesn’t matter if I change the color. Other aspects will highlight when hovered over, such as the social menu icons. I noticed this after deleting a page and trying to create a new page. No idea how to fix this. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Your site is not public yet, so I can’t replicate that. However, deleting and creating a new page shouldn’t affect that. Do you think is possible to make your site public, so I can have a look? If you don’t want to do that yet, we can continue privately via email, just drop a line to (redacted) and I’ll get it from there.

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    thank you but I figured it out. I had changed the base font and the moment I reset it back to the default font the color reappeared on the menu.

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