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    Hi there!

    We are busy with our website but we have a few questions we hope you guys can help us with! We currently use the WordPresstheme ‘Label’.

    – We would like a sticky menu because our page is quite long with lots of articles, so it can be quite frustrating for someone to scroll endlessly when the menu ‘disappears’ is it possible to change this and make sure it’s always visible at the top of the page?

    – We would also like to add a search button in our main navigation menu. But if I am not mistaken it’s now only optional to add it as a widget in the sidebar, slide-out sidebar or footer?

    And one more question left!

    – In the featured article at the top of the homepage it says ‘continue reading and the button underneath the articles says ’load more’ is it possible to change this into another language, Dutch for example?

    Thank you so much for the help in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi there – thanks for the message.

    1) Sticky menu.

    Unfortunately there’s no way to make the menu sticky without using javascript, and that’s not something that’s available on

    2) Search box.

    Again, I’m afraid that’s not possible. The only place to add a search box is in the widget spaces you mentioned.

    3) Translate the theme.

    You can suggest translations here:

    If you can translate everything that’s missing then let me know here, I will get someone from to publish them. This will update the translations for all Dutch language sites that use the theme.



    This will do what you want for the top menu being sticky.

    #header-menu {
    position: -webkit-sticky;
    position: sticky;
    z-index: 11;
    top: ;
    .admin-bar #header-menu {
    top: 32px;

    I achieved this in my CSS on my site.
    Go ahead and see how the top menu works on my site first if you’d like.


    Hi there!

    Thanks for the reply. I can see both the translations I need (continue reading and load more) are green, which means the Dutch translations are already approved right? But I don’t really understand how I can translate it on our own page…

    Do I need to copy it or do I have to change something in the CSS? It must be quite easy, I am sure. But I am just not so familiar with this haha!

    Thanks in advance!



    Please check out the top menu fix on my own site here….

    And yes, you need to update the custom css with the code I mentioned above to accomplish what you need.
    Have you ever edited the custom css before on your site?


    Your menu is exactly what I meant! Thanks for sharing!

    I have edited some small things when it comes to the custom css on our website. But somehow this is unfortunately too hard for me to make it work!

    Anyway thankyou so much for your help and your quick reply!


    Theme Author

    The green ones are indeed translated but they won’t be published until more than 85% of the theme is translated. So if you can translate the untranslated strings then someone can approve them and the whole theme will update.

    Just let me know once they are done and I’ll ask someone to validate them and set them live.


    Oh perfect! I added the suggestions for the untranslated strings.

    Thank you for your help so far, it’s really nice you can reply and help me out so quickly!


    Theme Author

    That’s great- all strings have suggestions. I shall ask someone to verify them and they will go live on your site automatically! :)


    Oh it’ll go live automatically! That’s great. I hope it works out. Thanks!


    Theme Author

    Hi there – it should be live now. Sorry for the delay – I think the .com team have been quite busy.

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