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    Hi there,

    I’ve recently upgraded my computer monitors and the menu is now not visible. I changed the padding to suit my previous 15″ screen, however on my 27″ monitors I can’t see my primary menu.

    This is a big problem for navigation purposes as you can probably imagine. Is there a way to lock the primary navigation menu so that it is responsive to different screen sizes?



    The blog I need help with is


    Furthermore, on another 27″ monitor I have, the primary menu is visible, but the drop down function under ‘Showreel’ does not work as intended.

    You cannot reach the drop down items as there is a large gap between the word ‘Showreel’ and the two drop down items. This is very important as I need to launch soon.

    The menu functions in different ways depending on the screen size, how can this be fixed across multiple sizes as people will be using different sized screens who view my site.




    Please follow link to view problems:


    Hi again,

    I just wondered whether there was any updates to the above issue?

    Thanks and great theme!



    Theme Author

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry for the issue you are facing.

    I do not have 27″ monitor at home. Tomorrow I’ll have one big monitor at the workplace and I’ll update you on this. While checking by zooming in/out I didn’t find any problem though.

    Thank you for your patience.


    Theme Author

    Hi Adam,

    Unfortunately, I am not able to find a 27″ monitor the biggest I checked with was 24″ and it shows fine there. Do you see the same issue on our demo? Please let me know your screen resolution also:

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    Hi Mkrdip,

    I decided to delete the padding I had coded for the menu to drop down slightly. Removing this code allowed the theme to automatically centre it as required for different sized screens.

    For me this is fine, however someone may have a similar issue if they need to raise or lower their primary menu.


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