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    I was wondering if you could help me change the font size of the menu bar? I have CSS custom design, but I’m not sure what to do to change those font sizes other than by playing with the body and header text sizes which change font sizes everywhere.
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi – you can make the font bigger by adding the following to your custom css:

    .masthead .menu {

    You can make the 0.9 bigger or smaller to adjust as desired.

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    thank you – that worked perfectly!

    on a related note, is there a way that I can have one of the menu items, for example ‘About’ not link to any page, but only have it show its sub-items when I mouse over it? I know how to make pages as sub-items, but I would like to not have the menu item itself be a link to a page.

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    I’m afraid all the menu items are links. There’s no way to remove the links themselves. You could always make the page a summary page that simply links through to the sub pages that are also linked in the menu.

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