menu fly outs no longer working

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    my 2nd level menus are no longer working.
    I have not made any changes to CSS in months and this has just recently happened. They were working fine for years but not any more.
    Hover over the ‘years’ menu option to see the issue.

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi there – sorry about the problems with your site.

    The only thing that’s changed with the theme recently is that the menus were made a little narrower so I’m not sure why it would change to this. Perhaps something has changed on the side that has broken it.

    Either way to fix it I think you need to do the following:

    In your custom css find .masthead .menu li ul ul { and remove left: 10em;

    Then add:

    .masthead .menu ul ul li.focus > ul, .masthead .menu ul ul li:hover > ul {
    left: 10em;

    That should make it as it was before.

    Sorry again for the problems.



    great, that seems to have fixed it. Thank you!

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