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    I was wondering how you change the order of the menu buttons on the homepage. Each time I add a new page, it places the new page first in the lineup across. I want Home to be first, about to be second, etc. How do I control that?

    Also, how do you use the two column set up that you used on the profile example page. The text is in two columns and I like that but can’t figure out how to do it.

    Last question! On the profile example page, you have your home page set with a different title than the menu bar. It says home, but your title is, “I’m a professional dude.” How do you set the menu bar to say home, but the title to be different on that page.

    Thanks so much!! Love this theme.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jessica,

    Let’s review:

    1) The simplest solution would be to create a custom menu, via Appearance –> Menus.

    2) The two column setup is achieved through the use of the two column shortcode, inserted into the ‘home’ page you’ve chosen to feature.

    3) We’ve used a custom menu item (Apperance –> Menus) for the navigation. Then the page title is what shows below.


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