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    When I leave the “top menu” alternative blank, my page displays all the pages on the “primary menu” at the top where the “top menu” is located. In effect, the pages on the “primary menu” is shown in both places.

    And when the “primary menu” has drop downs, they are all just put in a row without drop downs in the “top menu”.

    Can this be fixed?

    Thanks! 8)

    The blog I need help with is:


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    By default, if you do not have a menu set, the theme uses some content. The top menu shows pages, and the primary menu shows categories.

    If you want to hide the top navigation, you could crate a new menu, and not put any links in it. Then assign that blank menu to the top navigation. Otherwise, you can get the CSS Upgrade and hide it easily that way as well.

    The menus can be set, as you already know, via Appearance > Menus. Be sure to have your submenus indented under the parent menu. Submenus work for both top and primary navigations, as seen in the theme demo.


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    Ok, the empty menu worked! Thanks! 8)

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