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    This question has been answered a million times, but I have read all the posts and I still can’t figure out how to activate the menus. I know how to create them, but they still won’t show up on the website.
    I’ve seen a video tutorial someone posted and I noticed they talk about a “pages” box thats is supposed to be on the left. I only have the “posts”, “categories” and “tags” boxes.

    I also have a box that says something about only being allowed to create two menus, and something about primary navigation menu and secondary navigation menu.

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    The blog I need help with is:


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    I’ve managed to figure out how to make the menu appear on the website.
    But now the problem is that the things that I want to show up are “pages” not “categories” which is what I managed to put.
    How can I had the two pages that I had on the original blog (one called “recipes” and one called “about me”)?



    Go to Pages -> Add New and make your about page.

    Recipes was probably a category archive page.

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