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    Hi! :)
    I just bought your lovely theme and a Premium plan as well.

    I`m struggling with CSS, although already read all previous discussion about the similar problem and tried your advise to another WP user. It seems impossible for me to wider the field and all my pages and posts look narrow, photos look smaller. It’s not pleasant for reading and scrolling at all. Please, help!

    Another question – is it possible to move the “Share this” panel from the right side to the bottom line?
    The website is:

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    You have some really lovely pictures. :)

    You can use the following CSS to make the content section of a post wider. However, it will wrap around the tags and share icons on the right. You can play around with the %. The max should be 90% . The theme’s default is 60%.

    @media screen and (min-width: 1023px){
        .single .entry-content .post-content {
            width: 90%;

    If what you are looking to do is make your images wider, then I would recommend using the “extra-wide-image” class on your images instead. Here is some info on how to use it:

    And here is what it will look like (scroll a little down):

    As for moving the “Share this” section, unfortunately, this isn’t possible.

    I hope this helps!



    Hi, Sonia!

    Thanks a lot for your kindness! I’m happy your help succeeded. I don’t mind that the text is wrapped around the tags, somehow it suits well, I think.

    Can I ask another thing as well? Is it possible to arrange the blog bilingual?

    Have a nice day, Isabel


    Theme Author

    Hi there,

    So glad that worked!

    For a bilingual blog, there’s some information here on how to set that up:

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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