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    Sorry my site is not live yet.

    In the Primary Menu, if I have a drop down Menu, I don’t want the top one to be clickable. For Instance if my Menu Structure is like this;

    About Us
    – Introduction
    – Our Team
    – Awards

    I want the About Us to be just text and not linked to anything.

    In the First Content Block, could you explain a little in detail how to remove or change the “Continue Reading” text.

    3. In the Second Content Block, can I adjust the height of the gray area?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author


    thank you for using our theme.

    1. you can add a custom link for the About Us and leave the URL empty. Navigate to the Menu – Add Items – Custom Link and write link text “About Us” and URL part leave empty.
    You can find more about creating menus here:

    2. Continue Reading is in case if you have more text for the child pages and you want link on your front page so people can read more info. Find more about more button here:
    If you don’t want to have continue reading and just want to show small text on the front page without linking to the page with more info, you don’t need to add more block. You can also disable links for the title and image inside the Customize-Theme Options.

    3. you can adjust it with Custom CSS but feature is not available for the Personal Plan: You can use this in the Custom CSS:

    .block-two {
        padding: 140px 0;

    Hope this helps.

    All the best,

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