Major error in gridspace theme

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    Oh dear

    I just paid USD 75 for this


    1. I tried to post about an issue. I didn’t apparently put a title in. The browser went to a page to inform me about this and then lost my message so I am having to retype it

    2. The actual problem is that the left-side bar shows up twice.

    3. Also for USD 75 I would expect support to be via email not via a forum

    These comments are being fed back to

    I am quite surprised. For a professional fee I would expect a professional product.

    The blog I need help with is:


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    RESOLVED. It appears the default settings (not sure if this is the theme or WordPress) is/was to put the same widgets in the left side bar and footer widget [1] – so everything appeared twice

    Solution: edit the footer widget [1] to remove the widgets from there

    WP explained to me that the idea of no direct email support is to share knowledge.


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    I would add that, apart from this rather strange default setup, the theme is pretty good. It is nice and responsive. It has a good range of displaying posts – as single images or galleries. And is nice and minimal.


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    Hi justinwyllie,

    Sorry you had to go with the trouble. Yup, when you start with a theme, there are some defaults which gets carried over by past themes (if you used) or just default setup from the theme. You will have to set them up as you want or follow the instructions if the theme has one. But its great that its resolved for you now. :)

    And thank you so much for your kind words as well.


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