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    How is it possible to change to change Main and Footer Menu BG Color?

    Is it possible to put an image instead of the BG color of the Main Menu and the Footer?


    The blog I need help with is:



    Hi captainbeat,

    it seems you haven’t enabled a footer menu, so you probably mean the footer bar with the copyright notice. If you have purchased the Custom Design Upgrade, there are color options to change the color scheme of your theme.

    You also could modify the background color of the main menu and the footer bar with some CSS, for example:

    .main-nav, .copyright-wrap { background: #65aa23; }
    .copyright, .copyright a { color: #fff; }

    In general it’s possible to use images as background for elements on your site, but that isn’t really recommended for the navigation and probably would require some further customizations. If you are familiar with coding, you could have a look at this:

    If you are not familiar with coding and need further custom CSS code, then there is a special forum for this purpose where you can get support with your customizations:

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