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    I’ve been using mailerlite with my wordpress site for years now, but all of a sudden their embed forms are not showing in any of my posts (as far as I can tell the pop-up still is).

    I am in touch with mailerlite for help but so far their suggestions are not working. I thought I might try here to see if there is any kind of issue with the Dicot theme (but like I say, there never has been to date).

    Embed forms are supposed to appear pretty much on every page, the side bar and the footer, but here is an example page if that’s helpful to see

    I have tried reactivating mailerlite but this hasn’t made a difference. At present, the shortcode appears in existing posts when I am editing, but isn’t visible on the published page. If I try to reinsert the shortcode for a form when editing, it then doesn’t appear at all.

    Hope that makes sense – any advice gratefully received.

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Update – I think its sorted!

    If anyone else encounters a problem like this, its been fixed by embedding the full code. Not sure why the short code no longer works, and its going to be a big job adding the code to all my posts to date – but at least I have forms again :)

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