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    Hi there,

    There is a lot of white space around (above) the header image of my site. Is there some way to reduce this?

    I’m looking to bring as much content above the fold line as I can.


    The blog I need help with is: museuminabottle.com


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    Hi there!

    To make the following modifications, you’ll need the Custom Design upgrade.

    Using a tool such as Firebug, you’ll want to find the specific CSS selectors for your site’s header and container:

    #header, #wrapper

    Then, reset the margin-top and padding-top CSS property to 0.

    I hope this helps :)


    Original poster

    Great – thanks. I can control the amount of space above the header now, which is good.

    Is there any way to reduce the amount of space between the header image and the navigation menus? They seem to be controlled in one block together.

    Cheers for any advice.


    Theme Author

    Hi again :)

    Yes, you’ll want to target your navigation menu:


    And reset the margin-top value to 0.

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