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    How I can change the color, size, font, and text of the ”Load more” -button?

    Now this button is really big and red.

    Here’s my blog: https://mineafredrika.com

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is mineafredrika.com.


    Theme Author

    Hi Minea,

    As for the text, it looks like the site is in Finnish, and as of now, 73% of strings are translated: https://translate.wordpress.com/projects/wpcom%2Fthemes%2Fbari/fi/default/

    Note: These translations will only be activated on WordPress.com when 85% of the strings have been translated.

    “Load More” has already been translated, and there are too many untranslated strings for the translation to go live. Would you be willing to help with the outstanding ones? https://translate.wordpress.com/projects/wpcom%2Fthemes%2Fbari/fi/default/?filters%5Bstatus%5D=untranslated&sort%5Bby%5D=priority&sort%5Bhow%5D=desc

    As for changing the color, size, and font, can you be specific about what changes you’d like to see on this front? For now, I wrote a few sample lines of Custom CSS to change the color and size:

    body #infinite-handle span button {
        background: black !important;
        font-size: 12px !important;

    Change “black” to any valid CSS color value and “12px” to a bigger or smaller number like “11px” or “18px” depending on which direction you’d like to go.

    The font should probably be handled with WordPress.com Custom Fonts support, as described here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-fonts/

    Let me know how this works out for you and if you have any additional questions.



    Hi Leland,

    Thank you for your help, this was useful! And I translated a few stings in Finnish.




    Theme Author

    Okay, great! We’re almost there. According to the translations page:

    7 translations are waiting. As soon as they are approved, 82% will be translated.

    Which means we need some more translated. I wonder if you can help with the following one: “1 Comment”

    This is displayed when comments are displayed on a post or page with only one comment on it.

    Would “1 kommentti” make sense?

    Also, I noticed that “Haku” and “Hae” both seem to mean “search.” I’m curious, what is the difference between these words? These two different words seem to already be approved for other search-related strings, I just want to make sure they’re set in the right place.


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