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    Hi there,

    I am doing something wrong in trying to attach old posts to new categories since I changed to Handmade .
    My Home page is set to static and showcase, fine. I want to assign other posts to the other individual pages, not working for me.
    A new post did not work either.

    Another ? , has the image size changed for the header

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    The “header” in handmade is used to place a custom logo at the top left, and is expecting a 230px by 250px image or smaller.

    To get posts from your blog categories to show under links in your menu, you need to add the category link to the menu as there is no page template for displaying specific posts. From the appearance > menus page, select your menu and then expand the “Categories” section on the left to add the category links.

    Original poster

    Thanks very much. I solved that issue.
    Next question, please.
    I set the home page to static, fine when I open the site. When I swop back have been to view others, static home gone.
    How do I set to hold,.
    Thanks very much

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    I can confirm that your home link and your logo are pointing to the static homepage correctly, so if anyone clicks them or visits your main site, the correct page shows. Make sure you use the menu link and not the back button on your browser

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