linkedin user name connection does not connect

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    Hi, I’m struggling with the input of my company linkedin user name. When I put (what I think is) the correct information in the linkedin box and click the logo, linkedin says there is no company profile with that name, yet I’ve used the same information successfully from a sister site using another theme.

    When I search linkedin, I find this: My assumption is that the info after the last slash is the linkedin username, but it does not work.

    Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any info!

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi there,

    I’m very confused by this question. Can you show me a screenshot of where you’re trying to enter this information into your site? This doesn’t sound like a theme issue but I want to make sure that I understand you first before moving the thread to General Questions. Thanks so much.



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    Sorry about confusion Philip. And yes, it could very well be a linkedin thing, it’s possible I just don’t have the correct information, I have reached out to them also.

    I am entering the info into the social media widget. The widget doesn’t ask for the full url, just the user name, which I thought should be “the-open-information-security-foundation”, the info that appears at the end of the linkedin page url.

    I can send a screen shot — do I send to Or to you?


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    Ah, this makes sense. Let me tag the Staff on this and someone should be in very soon to help you out. Cheers!



    Hi there, for LinkedIn, the social media widget supports profiles with this URL structure:

    If your URL doesn’t follow this pattern it won’t work in the widget, sorry about that.

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