Link color, and THANKS!!! WOW beautiful!!

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    Hey there, we are LOVING LOVING LOVING our new Maisha theme! It’s so beautiful!! Thank you!!!!!! Gives us a lift in these dark times to see our content shining!! Serious upgrade!!!

    The one issue I am seeing in practice for us, is the link color. It goes to a light grey, which kind of fades out against a subtle grey background I picked (which I like because it makes our photography really pop). Other than changing the background to another color, is there a way to make our links a little more obvious?

    Can we customize the color, allow an underline, bold them, or otherwise find a way to make links stand out a teensy bit more?

    Sadly we are on a account, so I don’t have the option to customize CSS – plus I wouldn’t want to mess around and then break the beautiful theme.

    Any suggestions or thoughts you might have from your designer standpoint, that would also maintain the design integrity of the theme, we would really appreciate.

    Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy Ana!

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Try this post in particular where I was using more links:


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    (…There is a link at the end of the caption of the inline photo of radishes, and links in the body text near that photo about wearing masks etc. Also a link at the bottom of the page, that we specifically made the highlight orange color.)

    What I wish is that there were some preset options for link color in the General options for the theme. Would that be onerous to implement?

    Thanks again for considering the thought.


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    thank you for using our theme and for such a lovely words, means a lot to us. We are so happy we can hep a bit with this theme and sorry for the delay on this one.

    You can use Custom Colors to change colors of the theme:

    or you can use this in the Custom CSS:

    .news .entry-content a {
        border-bottom: 2px solid;

    Unfortunately we are not able to add the color styles to the theme, this is the feature (Custom Colors) but I can help you with the Custom CSS.
    Let me know how would you like to style your links, do u want to have a border under or other text color? And I’ll send you a custom CSS.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best,


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    Oh I just noticed you are on Personal account and you can’t use Custom CSS feature :(. Problem is if I make an update and change the color or border it will automatically affect all the website using this theme.

    But there are few option, you can add inline style (not a fan of it and don’t recommend it):

    <span style="color:#ff9900; border-bottom:2px solid #000">Here’s the link to Saturday April 4th’s SIGNUP FORM<br>
    (opens a new window).</span>

    or you can use new WordPress Editor and inside the Color Settings you can choose custom color and background for your link.


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    Hope you and your family are healthy and safe


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    I can think about it to add an option for the underline and bold link in the Customizer, would this help you? Or you want to add more things to the link? Unfortunately I can’t add colors, this is feature. And this will probably take some time as I need to make an update and they need to review it.

    The fastest and easiest way is option to use Custom CSS.

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