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    Help! Everything was working fine until this latest post. None of my linebreaks are registering. I am using
    at the end of each paragraph to fix the problem for now, but how do I get my automatic linebreaks back?

    The blog I need help with is:


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    “Hitting Enter/Return” will add paragraph automatically. I have observed the source code of your latest post i.e.

    It has “DIV” markup instead of “P”. It normally occurs, when you copy and paste the content from some other editor or any other source.

    Possible Solution 1:

    1. Switch to HTML mode of editor.
    2. Paste your content.
    3. Make sure there should not be extra markups like DIV etc.
    4. Use enter to separate your paragraphs.
    5. Publish the post

    It will add “P” markup automatically and will have space between each paragraph.

    Possible Solution 2:

    You can paste in the “Visual” mode of editor as well. But, make sure that there should not be extra markups by switching to “HTML” mode of editor.


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