Limited number of display posts on Portfolio pages

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    I have set up my site so that I have 3 pages each displaying posts from a different portfolio project type. I have used the display_posts shortcode to display the list, and assign the appropriate category to my posts.

    Unfortunately the display_posts shortcode has a limit of 100 posts to be displayed… I have a category with more than 100 posts, so I was wondering how I can allow users to access these older posts? Is there a ‘Load more’ or similar function like on the blogroll page? Or a way to archive older posts and link to them?


    The blog I need help with is


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    The theme doesn’t have any control over how shortcodes function. Are you using the Display Posts Shortcode documented here? If so, have you tried setting the posts per page argument? For example:

    [display-posts posts_per_page="200"]


    Hey Luke,

    Yes, using the Display Posts Shortcode.

    I tried increasing the posts per page argument, but that doesn’t seem to work.

    I’ve worked around this by creating a new page, offsetting by 100 posts so it displays posts 101-200. A bit ugly but it does the trick.


    Theme Author

    Great, glad to hear you got a solution figured out. Albeit a hack, that seem like the best/only way to do what you’re looking for. I’d say in most cases, people won’t be using the shortcode the way you are and thus likely won’t need to display more than 100 entries at a time.

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