Likes and comments not appearing in post from portfolio

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    Hi, on my site if I goto one of my portfolios such as ‘photoblogs’ on the left sidebar, then click on one of the images in the grid, I get to the full post / article, but w/out the like / comment at the bottom, I have to click again on the title to see those, can i get the like / comment on the initial post view?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Also on the posts I can’t see the sharing buttons even though I have flagged to display those in the post and turned it on in the settings.

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    Sorry to keep posting here. But i just realised the ‘share’ options are hidden behind a square icon with an arrow coming out of it, I would prefer to have the share options listed.

    I do have the upgrade so if there is CSS I can add to sort these things out it would be ok, to re-cap:

    1) when someone clicks on something on one of my portfolio pages e.g. a post ( one of the grid icons) – can I get the like / share / comment options there w/out them having to click the title or ‘permalink’

    2) can I get the ‘share’ options listed out instead of hidden behind an icon?

    Just want to make it much easier for people to share my posts so I can build an audience.

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    Thanks for getting in touch.
    1. When you first click the image it will bring up what is called a ‘dynamic permalink’ but that view is unable to includea sharing widget as it isn’t actually it’s own URL that could be shared, unfortunately.
    2. For the Sharing buttons, there might be a WordPress plugin that will work better for you, but I can add this to our feature request list if you’d like!


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