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LaTeX display does not work with the theme

  1. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I changed to my older theme and I realized that it converts the latex code onto:

    While photolia uses instead:

    The only difference seems to be in the lack of # in the colors directive.

    Please fix, I payed 49€ for this guys! ;)

  3. Looking into this as well. Give us a bit to figure out what's happening here. :-) Thanks for you patience.

  4. Thanks, you've been fast!

    By the way, beautiful theme!

  5. Thank you. Can you link up a post that uses LaTeX so I can see it?

  6. What happens if you embed a new LaTeX object into a post? Can you post one of the existing snippets here so I can see the format?

  7. In that same post, I have just added $latex \mu$ to the beginning, which is the way of including the mu symbol in LaTeX in wp. It also shows a black box at the moment, like the rest of items in the post.

  8. I'm checking with the theme team to see if they have any insight as to why they would be displaying like that.

    There is a support topic here to explain some of the LaTeX behavior:

    Let me speak to someone and get back to you ASAP.

  9. OK, thank you very much, but bear in mind that I did not used any explicit declaration of colours. The ones in my post seem added by default.

  10. Pablo, we are working on a solution and will update this thread as soon as we have one in place. Thanks for your patience! The other fixes you've asked about will also be coming shortly. They are going through the review process right now.

  11. Great, thanks! :)

  12. We figured out the issue and your LaTeX posts should all look right now. Thanks for your patience again! Hope you enjoy the theme.

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