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    The latest update, which I assume happened on our about April 15th, 2020, inserts CSS that overrides any changes made in the button editor or in custom CSS. Specifically, I am referring to classes .wp-block-button .wp-block-button__link. They force all buttons to be red buttons with white font. For example, if I add a button and use the button editor panel to change the background to blue and font color to black and hit update, the page will continue to have red buttons with white font. I have managed to override most of this in the Custom CSS, which works for most browsers but not for Internet Explore. See this example: Open it in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Prior to the last update, both Internet Explore, and modern browsers displayed the site the same way; with styled buttons. When the update (or what ever it was) happened last week, every button on the site ditched the styles that I set and they were all red buttons (as you see in Internet Explorer). After I added custom CSS to remove the red button styling, modern browsers overrode the red button styles, but for some reason unknown to me, Internet Explorer refuses to. I have been in contact with WordPress support and they said the issue was with Bromley. Please go back to the last version of the theme, the one that allowed me to change the style of buttons using the button editor. That one worked and looked great.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there – thanks for the message and sorry about the problems.

    The theme has undergone a number of changes recently because of requests from and it’s still being worked on.

    I have submitted an update that addresses the issue (I believe it’s that background colours don’t change?) and need the team to approve the change before it’s live on your site.

    If you include the following css in your custom css then it will make the same changes:

    .wp-block-button .wp-block-button__link.has-background {
      background-image: none;

    Thanks – Ben

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