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  • Hello!

    What is the best way to do the language versions with Nowell theme? I´m thinking that I create a page for four times. It means I need to buy the theme for four times, right?

    We have bought domain and we are using it at the moment and when the new site is ready, we map the domain to the new one.

    Is there any other way to do the language version than buy the theme four times (we have four languages)?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hello again,

    I bought the first theme with 39 e, not the price is 125 e. And I need to buy three more. Is there any way to have a multiple license? It´s so much in total.

  • I’m not entirely sure about the process of doing multiple languages for a blog. I did find this support article which has a few options:

    One of the options in that article was to create multiple blogs like you’re wanting to do. The price of Nowell was increased to $125 recently which would make things pretty spendy to do multiple blogs of the same content.

    I’ll request a Staff member to join the conversation and see if they have any good suggestions or solutions.

  • If you didn’t want to create separate sites for each language, you could try one of the other multilingual options instead.

    Theme prices are decided by the theme’s developer, so whether the price will be lowered back to its previous one is up to them.

    We aren’t able to offer a bulk rate for multiple copes of a theme.

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